Are you connecting at a human level before you start selling?

You have milliseconds to make the human connection that will influence a sale.

It takes milliseconds to make the connection that will help you sell effectively.

When we sell, we are attempting to persuade or influence others’ decision-making process.

We attempt to sway or convince them to believe in our way of thinking. Whether we are selling expensive business solutions to large corporations or a paper shredding service to a small business, the same principles or sales process applies. Selling is about customer experience, fulfilling a need or requirement, and providing a solution to a potential customer’s existing or perceived problem. We go in and pitch our offering and our competition does the same. When buyers are asked about salespeople they say they all sound the same. So, how can you be different and win? What is the difference between high performers and everyone else? 

Human connection and social interaction matter when selling

If we look to the sciences and behavioural research, we learn that the human connection or social interaction matters when selling. You are probably thinking, ‘I do that all the time. We all know that selling and relationships are critically important.’ 

But what you may not realize is social or human connections happen in milliseconds, and are not achieved in a five or ten minute casual conversation. 

My question to you is, are you making the first few milliseconds count? Do you even know how? Science and research performed at the most prestigious academic institutions’ in the world have found:

1) People are emotional and not logical beings-rationalizing a sale with Return on Investment, significance of your corporate brand, market positioning, or any logical or quantifiable justification may fall on deaf ears (Primal Brain Response)

2) How we make people feel when communicating is 93% nonverbal (Mehrabian Study)

3) We have milliseconds to come across as credible, trustworthy, likeable and competent (Mark Bowden)

Work with us, learn the process, and win!

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