Craft a Unique Personal Brand by Knowing Yourself

The whole world sees your personal brand, so build one people will remember

The whole world sees your personal brand, so build one people will remember.

We call it personal branding but it’s really not personal at all.

It’s personal because you own it, but it’s displayed for the whole world to see.

Your brand is made up of your experiences, education and how you sound, look and act. Does that sound familiar? If the definition of personal branding sounds a lot like your personal image, you are absolutely correct.

Your image makes up the majority of your personal brand. Your image is what others see, and your self-image is what you believe to be true about you. Your self-image has been building in your belief system concerning who you are and your capabilities since you were born. It includes all your self-concepts and beliefs about yourself including what you are good at and what you are not.

As per Wolf Singer, a world-renowned neuroscientist, states, “it is perhaps the most important task in life to find out early what your individual strengths and weaknesses are and to work with the strengths.”

Use your personal brand to differentiate yourself

Once you understand your “self” or who you are, then it is much easier to build your brand. Branding is not external but starts inward and projects outward. It all begins with understanding yourself and your capabilities, and evolves with your career. Self or personal branding should tell others who you are and why you are different. This is not the time to blend in with the crowd, follow the leader, or mimic others. Spend some time figuring out why you are different and what you have to offer.

Be unique, be different and be able to communicate your message. Also, don’t depend exclusively on your words to express your brand – include your body language, tone of voice and appearance.

Remember: how you look, act and sound makes up the majority of your self-branding. It is what others see either face-to-face or through social media that they will use to judge and form their perception of you.

Practice articulating your uniqueness using nonverbal skills since this will increase the probability that others will listen to you and remember who you are.

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