Improve your Communication Skills – Change your Results

Align your message with your body language to gain trust with your audience and change how they hear you.

If after numerous attempts  you haven’t reached your professional goal, it may be time for an image assessment.

In particular, how you are delivering your message may be not be aligned with the words you are speaking. Just because you are saying the words does not guarantee the listener is interpreting your message as planned. Whether you are seeking a promotion, applying for a job, or wanting to improve your sales performance or customer service levels, the principles are all the same.

Communication is much more than thoughtfully planned verbiage. Your nonverbal communication is more important and will deliver benefits to you and your organization once you understand its value and impact. Without effective communication, it is impossible to lead, influence or gain the trust of others. In a business environment, it is core to success and profits. Successful people know the value of nonverbal communication and use it to persuade, influence and captivate a room.

People bring preconceived ideas and experiences with them to every situation. Unless they see what they hear, your message will not be received as intended. Be very self-aware and align your message with your body language. If the two do not match, the receiver of the message will be confused, tune out and not trust you or what you are saying. If you are communicating an inspiring, motivational message then your body language should match that emotion. This will improve the likelihood that your message will be received as intended and have the impact you intended. 

Therefore, if you want to change the results you are currently experiencing, change up your body language and practice your delivery. Changing your body language will change how others hear your message, which may be the missing link that has kept you from reaching your goals. Since over 60% of communication is nonverbal, it certainly plays a big part and warrants the attention and practice.

Change your delivery- change your results- achieve your goals.

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