Improving Non-Verbal Skills Thanks to Mark Bowden, TED Talk Alumni

Forget e-mail and PowerPoint; Mark Bowden tells us to improve our nonverbal skills to make our point and win customers.

Your nonverbal skills help you influence audience perception and gain trust.

Thanks to Mark Bowden for coming to Niagara and sharing his expertise. Mark is a world-renowned body language expert and we were thrilled to have him come to our FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre here in St. Catharines.

It was a very entertaining and engaging learning experience for all. I am confident that everyone left inspired to make some positive changes. Mark gave us some tips on how we can become better communicators and explained how our primal brain responses and subconscious decision-making influence our interactions.

What does Mark know that we should all know?

I asked Mark to come to St. Catharines because I have personally experienced the benefits of his teachings. I first met Mark last spring and I have been practicing his TRUTHPLANE ever since with great success.

It has made a difference in my ability to connect with others and relay my message in an effective and engaging manner. Even the best communicators can learn and improve.

Mark places the emphasis when communicating not on your words but on your nonverbal skills.

It is not the words you use but how they are delivered that matters most when interacting with others.

First impressions also depend on our nonverbal skills, which is why it is so surprising that most professionals still count on PowerPoint slides and e-mails to communicate their message and sell their products and services.

When was the last time you had an important presentation to deliver and actually practiced how you would deliver the content?If you are aware of your body language and how you can influence your audience’s perception of you and improve the retention of your message, why would you not prepare? Your body language communicates to others whether you are friendly, trustworthy, credible, and knowledgeable. There are so many benefits of managing your Professional Image.Be it a management or a sales team, image training with Impact & Performance will help your team convey your message and positively impact sales while improving your brand. 

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