Career Acceleration

Its’s not about being random in your thoughts and actions.  Creating and managing your image with intention is the name of the game.

It’s the only game that will move you along in your career or get you that job out of school.  How many people were in your graduating class?  How many graduated this year in your city or country?  Point being there are many educated people globally today that can’t find work, are unemployed or in jobs they don’t want but take them out of necessity.  I am sure we agree, it’s competitive out there.  

So if education will not set you apart from the crowd then your image will. How you are perceived by others matters.  Its not what you believe to be true about you its what others believe that will earn you the promotion, get you that job, etc.  Creating and managing an image that matches your goal will improve your current results.

Image is not just what you wear but what others see, hear and sense when they meet you. It takes a millisecond for their subconscious brain to process and categorize you. Are you being categorized in a positive or negative way?

Your image also counts when you are interviewing, networking, presenting, selling and leading.  A positive image is one that is authentic to you and only you.  It enhances your attributes, skills and talents and leverages powers you may not know you have.

Your education and experience have gotten you this far.  Now its time to work on the soft skills that will take you to the next level. I realize its human nature to hate change but its required for improvement. It’s time!

If you’re interested in taking your career to the next level, reach out for a complimentary consultation to Impact & Performance. All material presented in our programs are backed by the latest research in neuroscience, physiology and psychology.  Our focus is on social skills, human behaviour, thought patterns and habits.

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