Customer Service – Is yours hurting or helping you?

It is quite surprising that many business people don’t relate the two: customer service and image. When you manage a business, it is everything.  What your teams project makes all the difference. They either support your product, service and brand, or they don’t.

Businesses invest in their corporate image through their website, innovation, product and service offerings, social media and marketing to attract customers.  These are all common practices but the rubber hits the road when a customer reaches out or enters your place of business.  Helping your employees understand the value they deliver within your organization and how they have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line and ongoing success is important. 

A critical component of training is understanding the “WHY”.  It is one thing to tell someone what to do or how to act when providing superior service but knowing the reasons behind the ask makes all the difference in the world.  Emotions, biases, past experiences, thought patterns all come into play when dealing with customers.  Understanding human nature and brain responses will assist your team have more empathy, patience and avoid the natural “its not my fault” response. 

The Harvard Business Review calls the advice to make “frontline workers and customers the centre of management concern a timeless strategy”‘  Frontline workers are defined as anyone who supports or has direct contact with your customers. The Business Journal defines the impact of professional customer service as “astronomical”. 

Every customer interaction puts your reputation at stake. One negative tweet can quickly spiral out of control.  Customers now have multiple resources to complain in a very public way. Its either all or nothing. 

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