“Neuroselling” – The Science of Selling

In today’s competitive landscape it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from your competition and win the sale. 

The best way to improve your sales  is to approach your next call differently. If you want to increase your sales, make more money and keep your manager happy, we can help.  It is time for a sanity check to assess what is working and what isn’t. Especially for the sales professionals who have been in the industry for years. It is highly likely that you have acquired some bad habits and formed negative biases that are sabotaging your sales efforts.  Admittedly it may be tough to admit but most sales professionals agree there is room for improvement and are willing to try something new.  Great presentations, data and sound reasoning aren’t enough to sell your product or service. Connecting on a human level and being perceived as trustworthy, competent and credible will get you past the first and most important hurtle. Then and only then will the conscious brain of your potential client kick in. Sales people rarely fail because they don’t have the product knowledge or experience.  It is the soft skills or the human emotional connection that requires your attention.   Clients and potential customers are logical but they are emotional first.  Appeal to their emotions and you will see your closing ratio climb.  

There is an easier way.  It is not all about your price or product or service that matters is the human connection.  Never count on your product or service to sell itself and don’t count on your words to help you convince or persuade. 

You need something more – an advantage that makes current and potential customers feel better about you and your company.

It is how you present yourself and how you are perceived by others that matters. You may be selling the best of the best at the lowest price but that still won’t be enough.  We are emotional and not logical human beings.  If we were logical then we wouldn’t make most of the decisions we do.

Be present and pay attention with your whole body.  Nonverbal communications are more important than the words that come out of our mouths.  Pay attention to what matters.

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