Fitness and your image

You may wonder why as an Image and Branding coach I’m writing about fitness and exercise. What could your image or what you project have to do with exercise? Well, the answer to that is everything! I am not suggesting the more fit you are the better your image or a size small person’s image is any better than someone larger.  My point is that the origin of one’s image or how the world sees us comes from inside of us and radiates outward.  People judge us from what they see, hear and sense.  This outer appearance they view or hear is a reflection of how we feel on the inside and it initiates a domino effect.

If we don’t feel good, it affects how we think and how we look.  It doesn’t end there because our behavior is impacted too. So where does exercise or fitness come into the equation? We all know exercise is good for our health. Many people exercise to maintain their weight or perhaps lose a few pounds.  My reason for stressing the need for exercise has nothing to do with your weight.  Many already put too much weight on this number. ( pun intended) Regardless of your size or fitness level doing just ten minutes of exercise results in a release of GABA in your brain.  Gaba is a feel-good hormone.

So back to the domino effect.   Feel better, think more positively, look better, improved behavior and therefore more positive results. Feeling good also comes with a level of confidence. Now that doesn’t sound too bad.  Ten minutes of exercise improved mood and confidence who knows what you can accomplish?

This ten minutes of exercise doesn’t have to be hardcore running or weight lifting. Just ten minutes of whatever your fitness level will allow without hurting yourself. If it’s standing up and stretching, skipping rope or walking, it’s all good.

All you need is ten minutes to improve the way you feel by injecting yourself with some GAGA or feel good hormones.  Your only ten minutes away from a better mood.  Go on give it a try!

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