You aren’t who you say you are

You aren’t who you say you are!

Working with Company’s on their image is what we do At Impact and Performance. Everyone knows a good image translates to healthy sales and a thriving business and a bad image means trouble.  That’s why it’s surprising that many companies have no idea what their image is.

Unfortunately it’s is not something that’s top of mind until a problem arises. It’s not usually discussed during regular weekly, quarterly or even yearly meetings.  When was the last time you saw “ Image” on a meeting agenda?  Again, surprising because it’s directly related to sales.

It’s difficult selling to a group of consumers when you don’t know what they think about your business or more importantly how they feel about it? Remember we are emotional beings and we don’t believe what we are told we believe what we feel.

A common misconception in business today is to think brand identity or your marketing message equals your image.  Or in other words what you communicate to your customers is what they believe and perceive. You can do your best to design a website, logo and advertising to communicate your message or mission but that doesn’t guarantee you will be heard or believed. Brand identity is how you want to be perceived but your image is how you are perceived and they are not the same.

Another point on company image is that it is not static. Things happen beyond our control that can impact how consumers or our clients think and feel about us.  Unfortunately it’s impossible to control all aspects of our business so all we can do is fix any problems as they arise, restore our image and hope to get our sales back on track.

In summary it’s important for all companies to understand what their image truly is, what it needs to be, and how to get there in order to be successful.

Closing the gap between your brand identity and your company image should be in constant focus. 

Image = Sales

Marketing ≠ Image

“ Image is Everything”

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