Master Checklist to Using your Image to Increase your Income

1) Appearance
a. Dress with the highest quality of clothes you can afford (buy discount)
b. Buy quality not volume
c. Make sure your clothes fit, if they don’t fit have them tailored, donate or swap with a friend
d. Don’t overdo perfume or jewelry
e. If your clothes are outdated others assume your skills are too
f. Dress appropriately for your age and environment

2) Negative Attitude
a. Don’t portray yourself in a negative attitude, don’t belittle yourself in front of others, if you do people will see you more negatively
b. Don’t gossip or complain look for a solution, don’t attempt to manipulate others
c. Look for solutions not problems
d. If your attitude is negative you won’t be promoted or be perceived as a team player, others will not want to work with you
e. Be an inspiration to others

3) Focus On Your Talents
a. When you focus on what you aren’t, you’re missing out on all that you are
b. We all have talents and they should be developed
c. Take classes, read etc. but continue to develop your skills
d. Listen to others feedback, you may have skills you haven’t yet recognized
e. Strive to exceed expectations and not just meet them

4) Solicit Feedback
a. Ask trusted colleagues for feedback on a regular basis
b. Provide them specific questions that will help you identify growth opportunities
c. Evaluate yourself for continuous improvement

5) Self Awareness
a. Always be in control of your body language, voice tone and appearance
b. Be aware of how others respond to you
c. Be aware of the relationships you have
d. Be polite, use manners, respect others
e. If you are looking for a better opportunity, make it happen

6) Body Language
a. Always sit and stand straight
b. Keep open body language
c. Use a proper handshake and smile

7) Listen to others
a. Be empathetic
b. Don’t consume the conversation about yourself/don’t control conversations
c. Be interested in others- they may forget your name or where they met you but never how you made them feel.

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