Stay Positive!

Don’t we hear this all the time? Even in difficult times we’re told to look on the bright side.

It certainly makes sense to have a positive mindset.  It’s easy when things are going our way but when our lives become difficult it’s a real challenge. Even then we have to do our best to remain as positive as we can.

There are many reasons including physiological ones why a positive mindset should be our goal…

One reason is our body language is more relaxed and we appear nonthreatening. In social or in work environments you will appear more approachable. 

Our voice also reflects our positive mood. We sound more energetic and others will sense the positive emotion in our tone. This is a benefit especially when your cold calling, selling, or presenting.

We all know a negative person or we may be one ourselves. It’s no surprise but people don’t enjoy being around negative people because they infect others with their bad mood. There is a term for this and it called emotional contagion and its real. We transmit our mood to others.

Negativity for many has become a habit. Any little thing sets them off into a downward spiral. If you’re in a bad mood it’s easy to find additional things that will maintain that bad feeling.

The opposite is also true. If you’re in a positive mood, people will want to be around you and you will find additional reasons to keep you in that uplifted state.

You may be relieved to know that our normal human state or mood is a negative one and we can blame our primal brain.  That’s the part of your brain that hasn’t evolved and is still on the lookout for threats to your safety.  Back in our early days when wild animals were a treat to our safety on a constant basis our primal brain was always on the lookout to protect us from impending harm. Because our primal brain is for our safely it’s normal to be negative.

Some people are just better at consciously changing their mood from this negative state to a more positive one. It’s all about awareness and paying attention to your mood and thoughts.  If you’re feeling down or unhappy try to consciously think more positive so you can reap the benefits of being in a good mood. With practice you can improve your overall mood and be happier.  You will create better outcomes in your life and be perceived by others in a more positive way.  Infect others with your joy!

“Act the way you want to feel”

Gretchen Rubin

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