What is your company’s brand identity?


Your company’s brand identity is the voice you give to your products and services.

It’s how you as an organization want to be perceived by your target audience. This messaging must be prevalent throughout the whole organization and it requires careful and consistent cultivation. This is under your control to design and promote. Your brand identity is how you want to be perceived by your customers but your brand Image is how you are perceived. Creating your brand identity is completely under your control, unlike your brand image because that’s up to your customers to decide that. Again another reason why I say image is everything.

So what message does your company want to send? You can’t control how your customers perceive you or what they think of you so your only hope is to carefully manage your brand identity. Successful companies create a brand identity that equals or is close to their brand image.

To be effective in communicating who you are and what voice you want to give to your products and services requires company-wide engagement. For example, if your marketing team is promoting exceptional customer service as part of your brand identity then you have to make sure the customer service team has adequate resources, you hire talented service people, etc. Each department whether finance or sales should support your chosen identity.

To establish or define your brand identity starts with your mission statement and company vision.

  • Who are we?
  • What kind of company is this?
  • What needs do we fulfill?
  • How are we different from others in our industry?

Another critical exercise for you to undertake is to identify the emotions and feelings associated with what you offer. Emotions are a very powerful driver for your target audience. Customers purchase because of how products make them feel.

Remember your brand image is decided by your customers but managing your brand identity is in your best shot at being perceived in a positive way by your audience.

Image is Everything!

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