Company Culture and your Business Image

Your business can’t project a positive image if your culture is in chaos.  Just like sales, your business image is a direct reflection of your culture.  It’s impossible to separate your culture from your image.  If you are not being perceived by your markets in a positive way then soliciting feedback from your teams may be a good place to start to try to figure out why?  It could be your people and not your products and services that are causing the problem.

It’s difficult to separate how your customers feel and how your employees feel.  One directly impacts the other. If your employees are not happy then neither will your clients and business partners.  Are you familiar with the term emotional contagion?

“Emotional contagion is the phenomenon of having one person’s emotions and related behaviours directly trigger similar emotions and behaviours in other people. Emotions can be shared across individuals in many different ways both implicitly or explicitly.” 

It’s hard enough to manage a profitable business so the last thing you need is something like your internal culture to sabotage your efforts especially since it’s fixable. It can be as simple as asking employees for their feedback.  Learning how they feel about the company and their role within the organization can be very enlightening.  You may not be able to provide them everything they want but making the effort to accommodate them and for them to feel valued and listened to is a good start.  Implementing small changes may be enough to turn attitudes and feelings around.

With improvements to your culture will come improvements to your business image.  If these changes aren’t significant enough and you still have an organizational image problem then there is something else at play that is negatively impacting your customers. If that’s the case then it time to solicit feedback from your customers. 

Remember, Image is Everything!

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  1. Excellent article. Employee satisfaction (dissatisfaction) can be contagious and have a positive or negative impact to your company’s brand as you so eloquently demonstrate in this blog

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