Image – It’s an Inside Job!

Image is one of those words that is misunderstood.  It’s not just the meaning of the word that is misconstrued but also how it impacts all areas of our lives.

In simple terms, your image is how other people perceive you.  It’s what they sense, see or hear when they meet you.  Your image is projected on the phone, face to face,  video, pictures and in digital or written form. It’s not about a fancy suit, a trendy sense of style or a great smile.  Your appearance contributes to your image but it’s only one part. Many think their appearance or how they look makes up their image and so that’s where they focus their effort and attention.  This is a big mistake because there is so much more to consider when designing your image or personal brand than how you look.

You cannot mask the way you think and feel by dressing up or dressing to impress. Overcompensating on your appearance doesn’t hide bad attitudes, negative thinking or poor health.  Your appearance is a reflection of how you feel on the inside.  It is a reflection of your mental state. Your image is not created by how you look that is internalized resulting in how you think and feel  It’s actually the other way around and why I call Image an inside job.

If you are not getting enough sleep, your stressed out and not eating properly it becomes difficult to manage your emotions and maintain a  positive attitude.  Your decision making and behaviors also align with how you think and feel. Paying extra attention to your wardrobe or grooming cannot compensate or hide your internal state.  Your exterior is a reflection of how you are feeling on the inside. When in the company of others they can sense how you are feeling whether it’s on a conscious or subconscious level.  Remember what they sense from you will determine how they perceive you and how they react and respond to you.

If you want to come across in a positive way pay attention to “the inside. ” Take care of yourself physically and mentally and you will have the energy and inclination to take care of the outside which is your appearance, body language and voice tone. This way you will feel good, look good and project your best so you can be your best!

Remember “ Image is Everything”.  

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