Stand out as a Leader

Okay, so you’re a leader you have the title but are you a true leader?  Do you have the presence of a leader? Do your employees follow you because of your position or because they believe in you and what you represent?

In reality, the leader is not always the most educated, smartest or the most experienced. Leadership is found in the intangibles, the things you can’t quantify.  They are passionate, consistent, professional and dependable. Leaders motivate, encourage and bring out the best in their teams. They can achieve great things because they know how to connect with people. They know there is something more important than their knowledge, track record or resume.

Effective leaders are seen and accepted because their interior skills and their exterior image are in perfect alignment. They manage their image or in other words how others perceive them. They know their behaviour, emotions and decision making are a result of their internal state which they monitor with great care.

If you want to be a leader in big business or you want to be the leader of your book club one thing is for sure.  You must look like a leader long before you actually become one. 

Leadership is inclusive. Anyone that wants to be a leader can be one it just takes practice. It all starts with a positive mindset along with the ability to recognize your emotions and manage them appropriately.

A positive internal state is reflected in your body language and voice tone.  If you have the right mindset your body and voice will reflect your positivity.  It works the other way too negative thinking, negative body language and voice tone.  Remember the body and mind are connected. 

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