Be realistic and stay focused and motivated!

This time of year most of us are setting goals. The new year and especially a new decade has us assessing where we are and where we want to be. What’s the gap, do we need to change course, realign, tweak, etc. 

One common personal goal is to eat healthily and lose weight.  It’s a great objective since your image is a projection of how you feel.  If losing weight makes you feel better then go for it.  If you feel better you put more care into your personal appearance, you’ll have a more positive mindset and make better decisions.  Your energy and influence also improve which will help you be successful in many areas of your life.

Businesses whether big or small set goals for the new calendar year too. Planning product and service launches, new marketing strategies, brand awareness campaigns,  hiring,  team training and possibly downsizing are just some of the strategies considered.

So why do many businesses fail to achieve their desired results?  Why can’t you lose weight? You know the saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day should provide you the answer.  We start out so motivated but we lose faith quickly.  You can’t turn a business around in a few weeks or months and you can’t drop lots of weight in a few weeks either. Obviously, it depends on how much you want to lose.    

Our world of instant gratification is not helping. If we want something we can order it and it will be at our door the same or the next day.  If we seek information we can search the web for answers.  Instant food, instant delivery, instant information we want everything immediately.   

We are also losing our ability to focus and our attention span is now estimated to be seven seconds.  Our devices keep us constantly connected and we are becoming addicted to social media, multitasking and being busy. So with all this going on its easy to understand why we find it difficult to achieve our goals.

A little patience and focus on what you want to accomplish will go a long way.  To keep motivated think back to your last win.  Regardless of how far back you have to go, it’s enough to provide you a rush of feel-good hormones.  Do this as often as you have to in order to keep yourself on track. Celebrating small wins will also keep you motivated.  Remember baby steps and slow and steady wins the race.  Be patient and realistic.

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