Investing in your Employees is the Smartest Business Decision You Can Make!

Guess how many employees are not happy at work?

Well, according to the State of the Global Workplace Study conducted by Gallup Inc. in 2019 that number is 85%.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if employees aren’t happy at work they’re not engaging at their full potential.

If they’re not working at their full potential then productivity suffers and so does your bottom line.

That’s exactly what the report showed that worldwide employee engagement was only 15%. What if your organization could double that number? You may not believe your companies number is 15% but I  bet it’s lower than you think.

On the bright side employee engagement and happiness in the workplace is fixable!

Gallup analytics found one of the best survey questions that separate enthusiastic, high-performing workers from low-performing, miserable ones is “There is someone at work who encourages my development.”

So if you want to maximize workplace productivity then developing your teams and leaders makes sense.

In many of my conversations with executives, I am told: “we do invest in our people.” In my experience, I believe there’s confusion surrounding what type of investment makes a difference to your employees.

Work-related training, providing them snacks, lunches and the latest mobile devices doesn’t address their personal development and growth. They are nice to have benefits but in the long run, they don’t address their engagement in their jobs on a daily basis.

At Impact and Performance, we provide the type of personal development that your employees want while positively impacting your bottom line. 

We start at the beginning and teach them the skills that will improve their results.  We focus on health and wellness, emotional management, mindset, behavior, nonverbal communication skills, the human judging process, how to impress, how to persuade, how to come across as confident, knowledgeable and credible, how we self-sabotage, biases, the mind-body connection, kindness, empathy, how to improve confidence, charisma, presence and much more. 

It is also very easy to measure the results of our programs.  Improving your sales, culture, employee engagement, reducing churn are just a few.

All material shared is based on science and proven research.

If you are interested in more information please fill out the request on my website for a 15 minute free consultation, or call me at 416-294-2510 and I will return your call within 24 hours.

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