Career Acceleration

Whether you are a recent graduate or an established professional there are ways to accelerate your career. We are told an education, certification, diploma, or degree are all we need for a successful career. Well, that is not true as most of you have already discovered.

Its not the hard skills that will earn you that job, or promotion. Sure, it’s a requirement but there is something that is very important that precedes your knowledge and experience. If you are wondering why despite your best efforts you are not in the job or career you are aspiring to then this training applies to you too.

You don’t have to be that different but you have to be perceived as being different.  Its called Impression Management and its important for your success.

As a trainer and coach, Barbara’s experience and programs are highly applicable.  She knows how to train on the “soft skills” which will set you apart from others. 

We can help you:

  • Improve your image
  • Understand brain science and how it can be used to influence and persuade 
  • Improve your charisma
  • Come across as credible, trustworthy and capable
  • Improve your social skill

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