Impact and Performance


The things that affect you most in life you don’t even notice. It’s time to refocus!

We teach the “science of success”  so you can be confident that if you practice the skills the results are guaranteed.

All you have to do is decide what you want to do with your newly discovered power and excel.

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Impact and Performance – Business Training



Seven module series (One Hour Zoom Call)  I will stay on longer to answer any questions

  1. Our brains– Function, Conscious/Subconscious, Emotional Intelligence
    1. How they impact our lives
  2. Image Versus Self Image
    1. Your self-image is the blueprint of your life and the reason you are getting the results you are experiencing
    2. Image- how others see you
  3. Human Judging Process
    1. First Impressions- How others judge you and why
    2. Impression Management- How to come across as trustworthy, confident, competent
  4. Appearance
    1. What other people see and think
  5. Body Language
    1. Eye Contact
    2. Gestures
    3. Facial Expressions
  6. Voice Tone
    1. How to sound interesting
  7. Mind/Body Connection
    1. How to use it to your benefit
    2. Elevate your mood

Scheduled dates

July 28, Aug 4, Aug 11, Aug 18, Aug 25, Sept 2, Sept 8.

Since we are scheduling this through the summer and you may have to miss a session I will provide you the recorded session.

I will also include a one hour one on one coaching for every person in the program.  These calls will be booked after the completion of the coarse.


$995.00 CAD – Exclusive pricing, Normally $1495.00

Organizational pricing available on request.

Reserve your spot today!

Impact and Performance – Business Training


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