Keynote Speaking

At Impact and Performance we focus on the science behind success and what they don’t teach you in school. It’s fun, and anything but boring.

Learn how to use science, combined with your image to reach your desired outcome!

Your image or how others see you is universal. It’s definitive and not negotiable so why not learn how to design your image to improve your outcome?

We will cover:

• What are you saying without speaking?
• What’s your software? – The framework you’ve have chosen to run your life
• Where does your power lie and how can you use it most effectively?
• Learn to be a more effective communicator and presenter
• Learn how to be interesting, authentic and influential

We have compiled all the latest in neuroscience, physiology and psychology and demonstrate how it can be applied to your business in a fun, engaging and practical way. We share proven methods!

When the session is over, all will be inspired to make the changes they need to improve their personal, business and career results.

Keynote speaking options include, 60 or 90 minutes.

Reach out for a complimentary 15 minute consultation to determine best fit, pricing, and availability.

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