Stop Selling – Start Connecting!

The word sell is not in our vocabulary. Customers don’t want to be sold they want help solving a problem. So instead of calling it “selling” we call it “problem-solving.”

Our programs are based on fundamental human instincts. Understanding the functioning and judging of the human brain, first impressions, nonverbal communications, perceptions, emotions and decision making will set you up to close business, build relationships and get referrals. We provide you with the foundation and the skills you need and all you have to do is practice.

Stop Selling- Start Connecting is presented in three stages
1) Connect
2) Assess
3) Problem Solve

We have compiled all the latest in neuroscience, physiology and psychology for your benefit in a fun, engaging and practical way. We share proven methods that work!

We have multiple programs to offer to accommodate your requirements from a one hour lunch and learn to a full-day session.

Fill out the complimentary form and we can customize to fit what works for your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

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